2021 Trimester 2 classes begin MAY 25th!-SYstematic Theology SYMPOSIUM-OLD TESTAMENT THEOLOGY elective

The Academic Component

TPA students complete a 60-credit hour academic curriculum. 36 credit hours are comprised of Core Classes which every student must take, and 30 additional credit hours are completed as electives.

The Core Classes are as follows:

  • Hebrew and OT Exegesis (4 credits)
  • Greek and NT Exegesis (4 credits)
  • OT Survey and Literature (3 credits)
  • NT Survey and Literature (3 credits)
  • Systematic Theology (3 credits)
  • Preaching (3 credits)
  • Church History I (3 credits)
  • Church History II (3 credits)
  • Greek readings (5 credits)
  • Hebrew readings (5 credits)

TPA students must also complete at least 30 credits of elective coursework. A student and his mentor pastor will work together to determine what electives will tend to the student’s pastoral growth and interests. Upon approval from the Directors, for each elective the mentor pastor and student chart a course for lectures, reading, and assignments which the student then works through at his own pace. Lectures come from various sources approved by the Directors.

Suggested and Potential Electives include:

  • Pastoral Theology
  • World Mission of the Church
  • Christian Ethics
  • Biblical Counseling
  • Christianity and Classic Literature
  • American Christian History
  • Church Planting
  • Life and Theology of Martin Luther
  • Life and Theology of Jonathan Edwards
  • Apologetics
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Studies of individual Biblical books